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Felony Warrant Processed

  • Count 1: THEFT in violation of 720 ILCS 5/16-1 (a)(2) – Class 2 Felony, subject to three to seven years in prison.
  • Count 2: MONEY LAUNDERING in violation of 720 ILCS 5/29B-1(a)(1)(A) – Class 2 Felony, subject to three to seven years in prison.
  • Count 3: HOME REPAIR FRAUD in violation of 815 ILCS 515/3(a)(1) – Class 4 Felony, subject to one to three years in prison.

“The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office has now filed criminal charges against the Lake Zurich contractor.

Prosecutors said he pocketed more than $500,000 from clients and left projects unfinished.

Operating under nearly a dozen different business names, like Backyard Escape, Build n Build and Lake Zurich Building Group.

Although many of his businesses were licensed in Illinois, Shaf was not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and earned an F rating. The BBB noted Shaf had a history of allegedly scamming consumers.”

Adam Shaf Making Headlines

Lake County contractor refutes felony charges – (March 6, 2024)

Lake County builder Adam Shaf is facing felony charges accusing him of misappropriating clients’ funds without completing home and pool renovations.

Shaf recently defended himself against those allegations, Crain’s reported.

“When you or someone makes comments that I took money and didn’t finish the work, that is not correct,” Shaf told the outlet. “We took money progressively as we did the work.”

Shaf’s troubles escalated when three former clients and one ex-business partner claimed losses exceeding $800,000. In response to mounting allegations, the Lake County sheriff issued an arrest warrant for Shaf in January, following an investigation by the state’s attorney’s office.

Shaf surrendered to authorities and faces three felony charges, including money laundering, theft and home repair fraud. Shaf avoided the media until recent accusations from another former partner prompted him to respond, the outlet said.

Represented by Arlington Heights attorney Maelene Torres, Shaf’s former clients sued him and several others in Lake County Circuit Court. Torres characterized Shaf’s dealings with clients as an extensive scheme, distinct from typical homeowner-contractor tensions.

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Lake County builder now faces court date on fraud charges

Crain’s Chicago Business – (February 2, 2024)

Adam Shaf, the builder who was wanted by the Lake County sheriff, has a March court date on charges related to his allegedly fraudulent home repair business.

Shaf was the subject of an arrest warrant after an investigation by Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart into allegations of theft and fraud submitted by Shaf’s past clients.

The Lake Zurich-based builder is also being sued by three former clients who, as Crain’s reported mid-January, claim he pocketed more than half a million dollars without finishing upgrades to their homes and swimming pools.

On Jan. 22, Shaf turned himself in to the Lake County sheriff. He’s charged with one count each of money laundering, theft an home repair fraud, according to Chris Covelli, deputy chief and public information officer for the sheriff.

The first two charges are Class 2 felonies, subject to three to seven years in prison if the person is found guilty. The third is a Class 4 felony, which can bring one to three years in prison. Both classes of felony can result in fines of up to $25,000 if the person is found guilty.

Shaf was not detained, Covelli said, and his next court date is March 21.

“Part of the conditions of his release,” Covelli wrote in an email, “is that he is to have no contact with the victim or the victim’s residence.”

Shaf did not immediately respond to Crain’s emailed request for comment. All listed phone numbers for him are out of service.

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Lake Zurich contractor accused of scamming clients turns himself in

WGN – (January 26, 2024)

A builder in the northern suburbs has been charged with fraud after being accused of abandoning multiple home improvement projects and pocketing the money.

Annemarie Stornello hired the contractor in 2022 to replace her roof, fix a rusted pipe in her laundry room and upgrade her kitchen and bathrooms.

“It needed some upgrading,” Stornello said. “It’s an older home and I hired him to do some contracting work.”

Stornello said the contractor, Adam Shaf, finished some of the work but there were problems with several of the projects.

“I’m fearful with heavy-weighted snow my roof could potentially collapse because the sub roofing underneath was bowing,” she said. “The new roof was bowing. It was not leveled, laying flat.”

After spending $200,000, she eventually fired Shaf and had to pay other contractors to finish her work.

Attorney Maelene Torres is representing three clients who are suing Shaf, saying he pocketed more than $500,000 between them and either left projects unfinished, or didn’t begin work at all.

“It usually has something to do with the backyard, whether it was pergola, outdoor kitchen landscaping or pool, same thing happened,” Torres said. “Another client put a significant amount of money down and no work was ever performed. No breaking of the ground, nothing. Just took it and ran.”

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office has now filed criminal charges against the Lake Zurich contractor on three counts of money laundering, theft and home repair fraud, saying Shaf operated under multiple business names, like Backyard Escape, Build n Build and Lake Zurich Building Group.

Although many of Shaf’s businesses were licensed in Illinois, Shaf was not accredited by the Better Business Burea and earned an F rating.

“It was a complete debacle,” Stornello said. “It affected my and my family. I don’t appreciate it.”

An arrest warrant was issued for Shaf on January 9 and he turned himself into the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on January 22.

WGN-TV reached Shaf by phone and he said the allegations aren’t true, he only got paid for projects he completed and he cares about his clients and his work.

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Several Lake County residents come forward alleging they were victims of home repair fraud by Lake Zurich contractor

Lake & McHenry County Scanner – (January 26, 2024) Several victims have come forward alleging a Lake Zurich contractor, who has now been arrested, scammed them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by never completing their home projects.

A 36-year-old Long Grove man contacted the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in June.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said the resident reported they had been scammed out of more than $50,000.

The victim entered into an agreement in April with Shaf, who was operating under the business name of Backyard Escape, LLC.

Covelli said the resident made several payments to Shaf for the outdoor project but requested his money back after Shaf failed to start construction.

The victim never received his money back from Shaf and called the sheriff’s office to make a report, Covelli said.

Sheriff’s detectives conducted a follow-up investigation by subpoenaing bank records and obtaining other documents.

The victim still had not received any money back from Shaf as of October and the agreed-upon work, which involved installing a pool, still had not been started.

Sheriff’s detectives presented the facts to the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office earlier this month, Covelli said.

The state’s attorney’s office approved the charges of theft over $10,000, money laundering over $10,000 and home repair fraud. All of the charges are felonies.

An arrest warrant was drafted and approved by a Lake County judge on January 9.

Covelli said several other victims have come forward with similar encounters with Shaf. The sheriff’s office has directed those residents to file police reports with their local police departments.

Court records show Shaf was processed on the warrant earlier this week and released from the Lake County Jail because the charges are non-detainable under the SAFE-T Act.

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State’s Attorney Files Felony Charges

Scribd – Eric F. Reinhart, State’s Attorney of Lake County, Illinois has charged Adam Shaf with a felony warrant for theft, money laundering and home repair fraud.


Lake County charges builder with fraud, issues warrant for his arrest

Crain’s Chicago Business – (January 17, 2024) The Lake County sheriff issued an arrest warrant for a builder who’s charged with fraud after three former clients claimed he pocketed more than half a million dollars but left their home upgrade projects unfinished.

Eric Rinehart, state’s attorney, filed charges against Shaf on three counts: theft, money laundering and home repair fraud. The first two are Class 2 felonies, subject to three to seven years in prison. The third is a Class 4 felony, which can bring one to three years in prison.

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Homebuilder Shaf Group sued over Northbrook project

Crain’s Chicago Business – (April 24, 2014) Northbrook sued their builder for more than three times that amount, alleging he botched the job. The 9,900-square-foot house on Sunset Trail was designed with a long list of luxuries, including a theater, swimming pool, five-car garage, a “safe room” and a room expressly designed to showcase antiques. Yet its owners, Kenneth and Marcia Rapoport, allege that Lake Zurich-based builder Shaf Group screwed up 52 ways during construction, a project that eventually came to a halt after 31 months of work.

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Builder refutes former clients’ allegations

Crain’s Chicago Business – (May 20, 2014) Adam Shaf, a homebuilder with a stalled project in Northbrook that’s the subject of a $6 million lawsuit, said last week that a dispute with his former clients stems from them “not paying us for work, not because of poor workmanship.” While Kenneth and Marcia Rapoports’ complaint alleges more than 50 instances of what they describe as shoddy construction work, Mr. Shaf, who did not comment in the original story because a reporter could not reach him, said they owed his firm $268,000 in February 2013 when “I terminated my contract with them.” Many of the items of alleged poor-quality work or materials could be traced to his clients’ numerous change orders, and delays in finishing aspects of the job came from their indecisiveness over material selections and other choices, Mr. Shaf said.

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Legal battle over between homeowners, homebuilder in Northbrook

Crain’s Chicago Business – (March 15, 2016)   A homebuilder and his former clients on a 29-room house in Northbrook have agreed to withdraw their lawsuits against each another, nearly three years after their skirmish began. In February the former clients, Kenneth and Marcia Rapoport, and the builder, Adam Shaf of the Shaf Group, signed a settlement agreement and release of all claims in Cook County Circuit Court, with each side agreeing to withdraw its case or cases against the other. The Rapoports contracted Shaf’s firm in 2010 to build a house at an estimated cost of $1.75 million on a lot they bought for $675,000.

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Customer Reviews

“Adam stole my freaking money dude…. I will get my revenge adam!!! I will get my fucking revenge!!!”

     – Albert E., Jefferson Park, IL (2023, Sep 8) Source: Yelp!

“We hired Adam Shaf, the owner and operator of Build n Build, Backyard Escapes, LLC, Adam Builds, and many other inactive company names, in August 2022 to build a pool and other home improvement jobs. Although the work for the backyard started in May 2023, upon our prepayment, he has consistently delayed or stalled essential milestones of the backyards project and has failed to communicate with us who the subcontractors and vendors are working on our property. Since the beginning of the project, I have paid $276,648.70. To date, my pool is incomplete, the pergola has not been erected, and my backyard remains unfinished. This is extremely disappointing as I was made to believe I would be able to enjoy my backyard with my young children for the latter half of the summer. Each time I as for progress updates, Adam keeps postponing productivity with no valid reason although every payment has been made to complete important points of the project. Although we have repeatedly requested Adam fulfill his contractual obligations and provide the corresponding invoices for construction and work performed, he has failed to do so to date. Rather, Adam meets our requests and demands with excuses, inappropriate comments, and unprofessional conduct.”

     – IDS_CustomerSupport, Arlington Heights, IL (2023, Aug 29) Source:

“Please do your research before hiring Adam Shaf (spelled Schaf while working with us). I wish I’d done mine! He called his company Build N Build and a project he estimated would take 4 weeks lasted 12 before he disappeared. While we were away caring for a hospitalized relative, Adam entered our home, rifled through personal files and stole from us (police report filed). He lied about work being done then sent subcontractors to finish jobs but didn’t pay them, so they asked us for money, then stopped showing up. He promised deliveries that “got lost” then replaced items with cheaper options. He showed fake invoices with 3 different business addresses and buried us in paperwork to cover up the fact that he was double charging. Anytime we questioned him he’d deflect blame to his workers, Home Depot, the village, his wife, his kids. He would ramble on for hours about himself, trying to intimidate me by insisting he has mob connections and a business deal that left him with 1.5 million dollars he has hidden in a suitcase. We had to hire someone else to finish what he left undone and fix what he did do. At last count, he uses 7 aliases and 11 business names. When he steals from a client under one name, he introduces himself to the next client using a name variation under a new business. If you have the misfortune of meeting this man, run.”

     – Karl C., Buffalo Grove, IL (2023, Aug 12) Source: Yelp!

“Don’t believe a word that comes out of this guys’d mouth. Ever. He’s a pathological liar. Bad guy all around. He doesn’t finish his gigs. Loose ends everywhere. Overcharges for countless things.”

     – Jenn B., Chicago, IL (2023, Mar 11) Source: Yelp!

“fast forward 2022. Wish I read reviews before I took on project with Adam Shaf trust me to a tee what these guys said he doing to me. unlike the last guy I won’t let this con get away with it. but anyone thinking of doing work for him just dont…don’t….his last name says it all he will Shaf you.”

     – Rick S., Wauconda, IL (2022, Nov 22) Source: Bizapedia

“Adam Shaf is a horrible contractor and possibly a sociopath.  We hired him for a large project that he never finished. He lied repeatedly about the work that was being done.  He would claim he was going to do the work then attempt to hire someone else and refuse to pay them.  We had to double pay individuals that eventually came back to us for money.  He showed us fake invoices in order to be paid for items he claimed to have paid for previously.  Then he’d say he was expecting delivery on a day but they would never show.  He would actually act all mad even though he knew good and well he hadn’t even placed an order!  He would be paid by my husband then find me an hour later and ask for the checks again!  We estimate he stole around $20,000 from us.  We could only prove about $10,000.  Every single door he framed was completely out of square.  He actually even forgot to nail a wall down.  Installed cabinets wrong.  He didn’t check work, didn’t finish projects, did them wrong or did them half ass.  We had to tear out and redo many things when we took over the renovation.  Had we not had friends and family to help us we would have lost our house.  He was totally fine with that as he used our money to fund trips with his wife and kids to Florida.  We were naive to think that the fact that our kids shared a school meant he would treat us with decency.  If you meet Adam Shaf in any capacity, run the other way and cut all ties!”

     – Caralee N., Lake Zurich, IL (2021, Nov 23) Source: Yelp!

“Adam Shaf now doing work as Lake Zurich Building Advisor LLC and Braveheart Construction Group is an incredible liar and absolutely the worst carpenters. They lie and lie and then try to justify their lies! I wish I had checked him out before we hired him. We had to fire him, and find others to FIX the work they did and finish the work they didn’t do which put us into winter conditions and 8 weeks behind.  We still keep finding things wrong. I have been in this industry for over 25 years and have NEVER run into this type of contractor before. He is the worst of the worst. Narcissist is an under statement. Feel bad for his kids as he is their example.”

     – Kathy C., Lake Zurich, IL (2019, Mar 11) Source: Yelp!

“Research “Adam Shaf lawsuit” on Google, before hiring this guy. There is a reason why this gentleman has a very small online presence, online it;s a transparent world and people can easily find out the truth about a guy like Adam.

My first hand experience in short: I did two project with Adam as his sub.

On the first one, he gave me an unsigned check as a down payment and once I noticed he disappeared for days. Replaced that one with a bad check and only made a good payment when I threatened to send a truck to his client home to pick up the wood that wasn’t installed yet.

When it came time for the final payment, the game started all over again and it ended with him paying, right before I was about to walk into his client home to inform him I was gonna lien his property to collect. Since he wasn’t paid on the job yet, he chose to pay than risk complications with his client.

On the second project, two years later, in which time I declined working for him numerous times, he claimed that he;s not a contractor but more of an adviser to the client and that I will get paid direct.

We started working and he delayed down payment, until a few days after the project was completed, by using the excuse that the client was unavailable. Once again, as soon as I said that I’ll knock on their door, he partially made the down payment (keep in mind the project was already completed, but he had only paid partial down payment by that point)

A new saga started at this point, which culminated with me going and talking wiht the client, just to find out that they “cut ties with Adam” and were “paying everyone direct” because he wasn’t paying them but that “we already paid him your money, prior to you even starting, as a down payment on the whole project”.

At that point I had collected a little more than the down payment (managed to squeeze a little more out of Adam, a couple weeks prior) and even though the client called Adam in front of me and asked him when is he gonna pay me, even though Adam said to the client “on Wednesday” we’ve never seen the rest of the money anymore.

He disappeared for a while, than reappeared as a result of some reviews we posted online, started lying that he’s mailing a cashier check and so on, but never really made the payment.


     – Octavian D., Chicago, IL (2016, Jan 31) Source: Bizapedia

“Homeowner’s Beware: Adam Shaf of Luxe Construction Management LLC also known as Shaf Group Inc (no longer). Poor money management skills, after being payed by the homeowners to pay his workers. Adam proceeded to pay his workers with predated checks that later went on to bounce, in fact one of the workers threaten homeowners with a lien against them if Adam didn’t pay them. Adam’s carpentry skills very shoddy, rushed and cut corners. Adam isn’t a truthful person had a hundred and one excuse’s for everything. His communication and reliability on the job site was terrible never came back to finish up the lose ends of the project. Didn’t honor his refund/credits back to the homeowners or finish paying his workers. Homeowners strongly suggest to stay away. ”

     – Ken D., Chicago, IL (2016, Nov 21) Source: Bizapedia

“HOMEOWNERS BEWARE: Adam Shaf the same person of The Shaf Group who operates under Luxe Construction Management LLC also known as CS Luxe , Lake Zurich,Il.  A DO NOT HIRE. Adam was hired as a General Contractor for the homeowner. Poor money management skills.  After receiving homeowners payments for supplies and sub-contractors,  homeowners learned he was paying sub-contractors with bad checks or not paying them at all.  A sub-contractor did threaten to put a lien on the homeowners if they weren’t paid. Adam carpentry skills very shoddy cuts corners and homeowner ended up doing some of the work that Adam was paid to do. Homeowners also learned Adam is not a truthful person has hundred one excuses for everything and does not honor his credits due back to the homeowner. His sub-contractors constantly complain about Adam. Sadly homeowner did recommend Adam to a friend who in turn did the same thing to them sloppy work and not paying his workers.”

     – Ken D., Chicago, IL (2016, Nov 18) Source: Yelp!

“Adam and his Lux Design does not pay their subcontractors. He owes out a lot of money from 2014. No wonder he does shotty work.”

     – Jay B., Des Plaines, IL (2015, Jul 31) Source: Yelp!

“Adam did a pretty good job with the remodeling. But he did not pay all of his subcontractors, we had subcontractors stop by our house weeks after the job was completed looking for Adam and to get paid. He also did not warrant his work. We had some floor buckling issues and we called him, emailed him and texted him. We know he received the text because he responded to one once, but that was months ago and he never got back to us. We had to hire someone to fix it. ”

     – Unknown (2014, Apr 30) Source: Angi

“Adam is terrible, a bad builder who has done a terrible job for us. we are really angry and our new contractor shows us all the bad work that was done. he was never overseeing the job, always at starbucks, never supervising his people and whenever he said he would show up he was never there. he used bad quality material- he used the cheapest granite the cheapest tile , he never listed to us, and tried to find the cheapest way to build our house- he did things that other contractors have said, how could he do this to you..our floor creaks everywhere, the wood corners do not meet anywhere in our house, our floor and walls are not straight and our hardwood is separating. He has ruined our house and our lives. We are so upset- we saved a lot to build our house and spent everything we had and lost it all. Shame on you Adam Shaf. We used him because of his great family name- what a mistake it was.”

     – Marsha R., Northbrook, IL (2013, Dec 3) Source: Yelp!

“Adam Shaf is a crook!! I trusted this man to build a large custom house for me in Northbrook, IL. All I wanted was a quality well built house. He is the nicest guy to talk to, with a demeanor and voice that begs you to trust him. And we trusted him.. we did our due diligence- the Shaf name is well known throughout the north shore for years, having been a three generation business in the building trade- we hired him in March, 2010. He provided us a contract GUARANTEEING it would be finished in 12 months, no later than 15 months– Ok, we expected to be completely done by June, 2011. Who was he kidding?? He used low quality, shoddy contractors, one at a time, to build our home– our windows are all crooked, our floors not level, the subfloor is weak, part of the roof is falling in, along with a beam over the garage.. thats just for starters.. he hardwooded over a crack we asked him to fix.. our entire house, 3 years later, is about 60% done and FILTHY.. but thats not the worst yet– because he is extended no credit from subs, he built the whole house out of order- I have unprotected cabinets half built and covered with mud, no trim, no tubs or toilets, or inside doors (even though he was paid over a year ago for them), I have angry vendors who never got paid (even though we paid him) threatening to lien me.. I do not have hardly ANY paperwork or contracts.. yet our house has fixtures covered in dust, and unprotected cabinets.. its a mess, or as two contractors who walked through my house evaluated it, a giant cluster****. He is incapable of building custom homes, and I should have known better. Please, its too late to save me from a fate of losing high six or low seven figures as I redo my house– please beware. Its not just my house, but according to subs, he has done this to others. BEWARE!! ”

     – Kenneth R., Chicago, IL (2013, Mar 7) Source: Yelp!

“An update- we have had our house reviewed by MANY other contractors. Our hardwood floors are all peeling and separating. Our roof has open visible holes, our brickwork all has mortar that looks like a child did it. Our entire landscaping has to ripped up and regraded, because all the water is coming toward the house instead of away from it. I will try to post pictures here.. this is a house that cost almost 2 million in construction, and thanks to Adam Shaf, we have to build it TWICE. But note that if you speak to Adam Shaf, he will act as nothing is wrong, and seem very sincere.. he is one of the nicest guys to talk to, you would trust him with your babies. He will tell you that he would never do this to you, and seem as sincere as your brother. Evil comes in all kinds of packages.”

     – Kenneth R., Chicago, IL (2013, Mar 19) Source: Yelp!

“Another update, so I can inform readers about what happens when you have a contractor that rips you off, does shoddy work and then leaves you to flounder. I hope YELP will indulge me to inform you of my fate. These are facts.

When Adam Shaf left the job without finishing it, taking money and not supplying the materials and not paying the vendors. they are not happy. Now, they just don’t sue the builder. There is something you need to know about, dear reader, that I DIDN’T. Its called a “mechanics lien”. The vendors have a remedy to turn around and put a lien on your house. That stops the construction cold. What does that mean? The bank no longer wants to lend. The title company won’t let you move. You can’t change builders. You can’t start construction. You become frozen in time. With dollars going down the drain in interest, taxes, and you drown in losses. You feel, you KNOW, everyone is out to drive you to bankruptcy. The only way out, the bank tells you, is to either put up 1 1/2 times the collateral of the liens… or pay them off. And, the bank tells you, that along with everything else that is going to hell, if you do NOTHING, you will be foreclosed upon.

So all the subs start liening me. And what does Mr. Shaf do? He hires an attorney, and liens me again. So lets review. I paid for, say, cabinets. They are not finished, strewn about the house. I paid in full for cabinets that are all shoddy and missing, and needs to be replaced. Then the cabinet company liens me. How does Adam Shaf solve the problem? Liens me again, for the SAME CABINETS. that I already paid for in the first place. And the bank says I have to come in with Cash, 1 1/2 times the amounts of the lien. So are you counting with me.. thats once, twice, 3 1/2, 5 times— I have to pay 5 TIMES FOR THE SAME CABINETS THAT ARE CRAP IN THE FIRST PLACE. 5 times!! So if you THINK you can only LOSE what you put in, or at worst, the amount of the contract— think again!! YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN. ITs not just cabinets. Its hardwood flooring. Its the stairs. Its the appliances. The list for me is endless. But is this the only problem?? NO, dear reader.

Because I now have MOLD.. mold from the rafters on my second floor, because Adam Shaf, in his delays, allowed the roof to stay open during the rainy season in 2010-2011 (yes, it has been that long.. this is May 2013 and Adam Shaf had spent 3 years building this house)- and now I have mold, that needs to be remedied. Now I have to hire a mold consultant, a repair person, and report this to my insurance. But I only had builders risk? So now my insurance doesn’t want to cover it, all I can do is pay the 30-40K to remedy it and later sue Mr. Shaf.. who will likely file bankruptcy anyway.

The moral of the story– hire only the BEST contractor with deep pockets who is HEAVILY INSURED AND BONDED. Trust NO ONE. Think ahead– to the END of the project– dont just look at your empty lot and think about what is there now, think about it when you have spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of your good money on the project. If you are stuck with a bad contractor, you go straight into financial hell, without a way out. And I have hired consultants, attorneys, a new contractor, thinking there has to be a way out… all of them say “they feel sorry for me”.. and NONE of them have answers. And the bank and title company? They say I “HAVE TO WORK THIS OUT WITH ADAM SHAF”. You have to crawl on your hands and knees to the enemy.. the man who you KNOW FOR A FACT absconded with MULTIPLE CHECKS you gave him, in good faith, to pay a sub that he NEVER PAID and has no intention to refund.

The ONLY thing I can do?? This yelp blog. With all due respect, this is my ONLY recourse. Thats it. This email cost me over a million dollars. If I cant save myself, let me at least save you.”

     – Kenneth R., Chicago, IL (2013, May 14) Source: Yelp!

Adam Shaf Legal Updates

January 9, 2024 – In the Circuit Court of the Nineteenth Judicial Court, the People of the State of Illinois, by Eric F. Rinehart, State’s Attorney of Lake County, IL charged Adam Shaf with three (3) felony counts.

Case Number: 2024CF00000073

  • Count 1: THEFT in violation of 720 ILCS 5/16-1 (a)(2) – Class 2 Felony
  • Count 2: MONEY LAUNDERING in violation of 720 ILCS 5/29B-1(a)(1)(A) – Class 2 Felony
  • Count 3: HOME REPAIR FRAUD in violation of 815 ILCS 515/3(a)(1) – Class 4 Felony

An active felony warrant is currently outstanding.

Class 2 Felony: 3 to 7 years in prison, possible fine up to $25,000
Class 4 Felony: 1 to 3 years in prison, possible fine up to $25,000