Exposing Adam Shaf as a fraud

Unveiling the Truth about a Deceitful Construction Consultant

This website is dedicated to uncovering the truth about Adam Shaf, a fraudulent construction consultant.  Our mission is to shed light on his deceptive practices and protect innocent homeowners and sub-contractors from falling victim to his scams.

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Lake Zurich contractor, Adam Shaf, has been charged with one count each of money laundering, theft and home repair fraud

Adam Shaft mugshot

Aam Shaf, 48, of Lake Zurch

Adam Shaf, 48, a Lake Zurich contractor accused of pocketing over $500,000 from clients after leaving projects unfinished, turned himself in on Friday, January 26, 2024. Shaf was not detained. His next court date is March 21.

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Adam Shaf Exposed as a Fraud

Don’t be fooled by Adam Shaf’s seemingly legitimate façade. Behind the well-crafted image lies a trail of broken promises, shoddy workmanship, and financial dishonesty. Extensive investigation of public information has unearthed numerous instances where unsuspecting homeowners and sub-contractors have been left devastated by Adam Shaf’s fraudulent practices. We have collected testimonies and documented cases from online reviews and news websites that will leave no doubt about his true nature as we reveal the dark secrets he desperately tries to keep hidden.

Known Aliases Used by Adam Shaf

Adam Shaf operates under numerous aliases, titles, and business names in an attempt to keep his dark secrets hidden, evade detection and continue his fraudulent activities. It’s crucial to be aware of these identities to prevent any further harm.

By providing these aliases, we aim to empower homeowners and sub-contractors to make informed decisions and steer clear of any dealings with Adam Shaf.

The following aliases have been used by Adam Shaf while allegedly working for his clients:

  • Adam A. Shaf
  • Adam Shaff
  • Adam Schaf
  • Adam L. Shafer
  • Adam Shef

(Sources: Radaris, ClustrMaps)

Adam Shaf’s known businesses currently operate or have operated using these business names:

  • Backyard Escape LLC
  • Braveheart Construction Group
  • Build N Build
  • Bye Construction NEW!
  • CS Luxe
  • Dodge City Builders NEW!
  • Lake Zurich (LZ) Building Advisor, LLC
  • Lake Zurich Building Group
  • Luxe Construction Management, LLC
  • Luxe Design Build Group NEW!
  • Luxe Design Build Group by Shaf, LLC
  • Shaf Builders
  • Shaf Home Builders Inc.
  • The Shaf Group, Inc.
  • Transformations Home NEW!
  • Zurich Builders

(Sources: Bizapedia, Radaris, Yelp!)

Where to Report Fraud

Reporting fraudulent work is vital for preserving the integrity of legitimate businesses and safeguarding the rights of clients. By exposing fraudulent practices, you actively contribute to fostering trust, ensuring fair competition, and upholding ethical standards. Through this platform, we aim to empower and inspire affected individuals to come forward and report instances of fraud, holding accountable individuals like Adam Shaf who engage in deceptive schemes. Together we can build a transparent and dependable industry.

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Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

File an official complaint against Adam Shaf and his fraudulent schemes with the Federal Trade Commission to ensure your voice is heard and your consumer rights are protected.

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Illinois Attorney General (IAG)

Safeguard your consumer rights by filing a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, holding Adam accountable for his fraudulent practices.

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Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Resolve your concerns and report business misconduct by filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, promoting transparency and trust in the marketplace.

Protecting Homeowners and Sub-Contractors

We believe in empowering homeowners and sub-contractors by arming them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. We are dedicated to protecting you from the potential personal and financial harm caused by Adam Shaf and his deceitful activities. Through this platform, we provide resources, and advice on how to spot warning signs to protect your hard-earned money. Together, we can stand against deception, ensuring a safer and more reliable construction industry.

Former Customers Speak Up

“Don’t believe a word that comes out of this guy’s mouth. Ever. He’s a pathological liar. Bad guy all around. He doesn’t finish his gigs. Loose ends everywhere. Overcharges for countless things.”

Jenny B. • Chicago, IL

“He showed us fake invoices in order to be paid for items he claimed to have paid for previously. Then he’d say he was expecting delivery on a day but they would never show.”

Caralee N. • Lake Zurich, IL

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Adam Shaf exposed as a fraud